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Wet Tapping and Hot Tapping

We provide tapping capabilities from 1” – 12” on any size pipe.

It’s faster and insures sanitary conditions when compared to cutting in a tee.

We can perform taps on all types of pipe including steel, copper, ductile iron, cast iron, transite, asbestos cement, pvc, carbon steel or concrete (pccp) and HDPE.


Hydrant Repair

We do fire hydrant maintenance and repair including repairs to leaking, damaged and frozen hydrants, raising and lowering of hydrants due to changes in grade and fabrication and supply of parts.


Core Drilling

We provide coring capabilities from 1” – 24” in manholes, catch basins or pipe. Water tight rubber boots are available for any size pipe you are installing. Water tight rubber boots are available for any size pipe you are installing

Foreign Material Catcher

The Foreign Material Catcher (FMC) is the safest, most cost efficient tool designed to be used by one person when working on manholes. The patented, lightweight and sturdy design allows you to work on a manhole and not have dirt, asphalt and cement get in the manhole invert. Expensive OSHA required confined space entry equipment is no longer necessary because the need to enter a manhole for cleaning is eliminated. FMC will not only improve job site efficiency but it will also increase worker safety and enhance employee morale. With only a modest investment, contractors and municipalities will save time and money by utilizing a FMC on their manhole projects. To purchase one of these please click this link: You will find out Foreign Material Catcher on the left hand side of the website menu bar, go to the Miscellaneous and Tools tab and from there go to the Foreign Materials tab.


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